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Hawai Hot Tub

380 x 250 - 11 places
Collection Professional Spa

Simply impressive

The Spa Hawai has become the professional leader in the national and international market for its segment: a large hot tub with a vitreous mosaic finish for intensive public use. Its elongated octagonal design (with two of its parallel sides longer than the others) looks extremely classy and is very popular among sport, entertainment, and leisure establishments, as well as wellness centres and other installations with a high number of users. However, it is also a good option for private customers who want to buy a large hot tub with professional features to install in their garden.

A member of the Aquavia professional series (Professional Hot Tub), the Spa Hawai is 3.80 metres in length by 2.50 metres in width, and is the only one in its range that fits up to 11 people in a distribution of positions that leaves one end of the hot tub free for getting in and out easily. It includes 16 hydromassage jets and 20 pressurised air nozzles (Relax Impact System from Aquavia Spa) arranged in five different configurations and rotating through them provides a complete relaxation and hydrotherapy circuit.

It is an overflow hot tub, like all the hot tubs in its professional range, with a strong plastic overflow grille that can be upgraded to teak wood to add understated elegance. Like all of the hot tubs in its range, it has powerful technical equipment that is supplied separately and easily installed externally, along with a control cabinet to regulate all of its functions.

Like a swimming pool, but with bubbles

Its impressive size (3.80 x 2.50 m), its overflow design, its depth that is suitable for tall people, and its vitreous mosaic finish make the Spa Hawai look just like a small swimming pool. This has made some customers choose it over an indoor swimming pool, or even install it in the garden when there is not much space available. In any case, the Spa Hawai is still a popular purchase for sports complexes, municipal or private swimming pools, wellness areas, spas and other facilities that receive large groups of users and want to prevent queues for the hot tub.

This hot tub from the Aquavia Spa commercial collection has a great feature for night-time use: a LED chromotherapy spotlight that bathes the atmosphere in colour and completely transforms the moment. It further enhances the relaxing feeling of the powerful massage provided by this king size hot tub. The Spa Hawai remains a top seller in the European market.


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Element finishes Mosaic



  • 1. Vitreous mosaic finishes
  • 2. Octagonal design
  • 3. Overflow system

Vitreous mosaic finishes

Vitreous mosaic finishes give the hot tub a personal touch. It is manufactured using a high-quality ceramic mosaic. The hot tub has a wide range of colour configuration options.

Technical data sheet

General specifications

  • Hot tub dimensions (cm): 380 x 250
  • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 11(11 / -)
  • Hot tub volume of water (litres): 2.490 l
  • Weight of the hot tub: (empty/full): 613 Kg / 3.103 Kg


  • Hot tub number of jets: 16
  • Hot tub with air nozzles: 20
  • Hot tub with galvanised metal frame: Yes
  • Jets/Boquillas Inoxidable: Optional
  • White LED spotlight: Yes
  • Hot tub with piezoelectric switches: 2
  • Overflow hot tub: Yes
  • Surge tank: Optional (2.000 l.)


  • Hot tub shell colours: Fusain, Aster, Bahamas, Zinnia, Noisetier, Gravier, Camel, Pierre
  • Type of shell finish: Mosaic
  • Chromotherapy LED spotlight: Yes
  • Wooden teak grid: Optional

Compact kit

  • Compact kit - Filter: D.650
  • Compact kit - Massage pump: 2 x 1,81 kW
  • Compact kit - Blower pump: 1,3 kW
  • Compact kit - Filtration pump: 0,82 kW
  • Compact kit - Heating: 6 kW
  • Compact kit - Push-buttons / Control: Piezoelec.
  • Compact kit - Power required (W): 11.700 W
  • Compact kit - Power required (A): 21,9 A
  • Compact kit - Voltage: 400 V III
  • Compact kit - Ozone generation: Opcional

Hawai Hot Tub
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Any questions?

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