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Antigua Hot Tub

278 x 278 - 7 places
Collection Professional Spa

Hydromassage times eight

The professional Spa Antigua is a rather large 7-person hydromassage tub (2.78 metres in diameter) with an octagonal shape (8 sides) and impeccable finishes designed to enhance the value and distinction of hotels, residential complexes, beauty centres, spas and other public establishments. But it is also great for family use at home, for anyone who wants to buy a professional hot tub with a solid guarantee.

Overflowing pleasure

The Spa Antigua is part of the extensive catalogue of overflow hot tubs from Aquavia Spa. When it is at full capacity, the water overflows into its drain and is then used to automatically fill up the tub as people get out. This always keeps the water level at the maximum level.

The hot tub comes separately from its external technical equipment, which includes its dual hydromassage pump, its independent pumps for air injection and filtration (with high performing sand filter) and its powerful water heater, in addition to the corresponding control cabinet to regulate all of its functions. Aquavia Spa recommends adding an (optional) ozonator to ensure the water is efficiently kept crystal clear at all times, even if the hot tub is used very intensively.

The Antigua is clearly an ideal hot tub for intensive public use, with equipment designed to operate continuously for long periods of time every day.


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Element finishes Acrylic

Blue Marble


  • 1. Octagonal design
  • 2. Acrylic hot tub
  • 3. Overflow system

Octagonal design

An attractive eight-sided hot tub for public use. A designer hot tub that fits your business.

Technical data sheet

General specifications

  • Hot tub dimensions (cm): 278 x 278
  • Number of hot tub positions (sitting / laying back): 7 (7 / -)
  • Hot tub volume of water (litres): 1.410 l
  • Weight of the hot tub: (empty/full): 280 Kg / 1.690 Kg


  • Hot tub number of jets: 14
  • Hot tub with air nozzles: 14
  • Hot tub with galvanised metal frame: Yes
  • Jets/Boquillas Inoxidable: Optional
  • White LED spotlight: 1 LED
  • Hot tub with piezoelectric switches: 2
  • Overflow hot tub: Yes


  • Hot tub shell colours: White, Blue Marble, Sterling
  • Type of shell finish: Acrylic
  • Wooden teak grid: Optional

Compact kit

  • Compact kit - Filter: D.650
  • Compact kit - Massage pump: 2 x 1,81 kW
  • Compact kit - Blower pump: 1,3 kW
  • Compact kit - Filtration pump: 0,82 kW
  • Compact kit - Heating: 6 kW
  • Compact kit - Push-buttons / Control: Piezoelec.
  • Compact kit - Power required (W): 11.700 W
  • Compact kit - Power required (A): 21,9 A
  • Compact kit - Voltage: 400 V III
  • Compact kit - Ozone generation: Opcional

Antigua Hot Tub
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Any questions?

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